The Best White Tee Shirts

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A trusty white tee is a must for any wardrobe! But not all t-shirts are able to withstand the frequent wear & tear required of such a staple. Lucky for you, Tailor Stylists did the heavy lifting to find the best white tee shirts on the market. Read on to learn about our rigorous testing & top picks!


Each t-shirt was tested on six dimensions and scored on a scale of 1-5.

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To test durability, we washed each shirt 20 times, machine drying them each 10 times and air drying them 10 times. For seam strength we pulled not-too-gently on each part of the t-shirts’ seams as we considered these questions: Are the stitches obviously loose? Are the seams straight or crooked? Is there a lot of strain on the seams when they are pulled on or do they hold up well? For the remaining tests our Tailor testers responded to survey questions to rate the density, opacity, feel, and breathability.



The Gap Vintage Wash Tee is everything that a white t-shirt should be: comfy, soft, lightweight, and infinitely able to withstand wear and tear. Of all the t-shirts we tried and tested, we found that this one runs most true to size and is least affected by rigorous washing and drying. The material feels flexible enough that you won’t feel stifled, yet clingy in all the right spots, providing uncomplicated wear that won’t have you glancing down every 15 seconds to make sure that your t-shirt has stayed put. This is the kind of t-shirt that is so blatantly versatile, you could dress it up with a pair of high quality fitted jeans and strategic accessorizing, or down with another variety of denim and casual sneakers. Details such as distinct cap sleeves and a curved hemline are a nod to more feminine style, softly skimming shoulders and hips for an overall figure-flattering effect. It performed just as well as our budget pick in regards to seam strength and density, but what set this t-shirt apart was its universal true-to-size fit and effortless quality.

2. The runner-up Splurge

If you’re feeling in the mood to splurge, for $48, the LNA Short Sleeve Crew is the white t-shirt for you. This California classic brand has a cult following, and with good reason. The supple fabric feels fantastic against your skin, and an overall snug, though not very stretchy, fit makes this the ideal t-shirt for tucking in. The ribbed collar, a bit wider than average, hits low at the collarbone,which is a great option if you’re worried about a shorter neck. This t-shirt, though surprisingly thin, weathered relentless washing and drying, and came out with its original shape and feel intact. Since it’s slightly more sheer than the other t-shirts we’ve recommended, you’re going to have to wear some sort of nude undergarment underneath. What you lose in thinner material, you gain in a sleek, modern style that looks and feels luxurious. On a side note, it’s one of only two shirts we tested that’s entire design and production process takes place in the US of A.  

Source: Stella Wants to Die

3. The Budget Choice

The Hanes brand is synonymous with a white t-shirt, so you really can’t go wrong with such a perennial classic. In our testing, the Tailor stylists most appreciated the unique fit of the Hanes Nano T-Shirt. The crisp, boxy fit and high necked ribbed collar make you feel like you just slipped into the “boyfriend jean” equivalent of a t-shirt. This t-shirt scored highest for both seam strength and density. The twin-stitched hem yields more room for stretch without popping the threads. According to Tailor stylists, the opaque fabric accommodates those who prefer to go without a bra. Though the Hanes white t-shirt isn’t as plush as some of the others we tested, it’s a great no fuss, no frills standard option for basic, everyday use. The best part? It will set you back just $5.99.


Want all the details? See below for all of the shirts we tested and their test rankings.

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