Subscription Update.

Tailor is now free!

We are very excited to announce that Tailor is now free to use. As a growing company we have experimented with different ways to ensure our service can be accessible to as many people as possible - and for a time, we tried a subscription model.

We are proud to say we now are able to connect you to your
incredible personal stylist & shopper without a subscription fee.

But wait! There is a way you can ensure we are able to keep Tailor free! When you shop through Tailor, the retailer gives a small percent back to Tailor. The best part? You still pay the exact same price that you see from the retailer. So, in an effort to support Tailor, we encourage you to buy your new pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories through our app. Our incredible shopping team makes it possible for you to order from all of your favorite stores in one cart, get timely order updates, and enjoy free shipping & returns.

Have any questions? Reference our FAQs below or shoot us an email at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to pay for anything?

You do not need to pay to use Tailor! You will get to work with our amazing stylists for free. When you would like to buy new pieces, you will pay for those through our convenient Apple Pay option or through a secure credit card.

How does a stylist make money?

Your stylist is paid for working with you, providing high quality suggestions, and helping you find items you love! 

How does Tailor make money?

When you make a purchase through Tailor, a portion of the sale goes back to Tailor from the retailer. The best part? You still pay the exact same price that you see from the retailer.

What about the months I paid a subscription fee?

You will not be refunded any prior fees - but you can look forward to free service going forward.