Dear Tailor Stylists,

We’re writing today to share that we’ve made the difficult decision to shut down Tailor. We started Tailor as a small experiment within Area 120, and we’re very proud of the amazing product that we built and the thousands of users we have served together. However, after careful consideration, we’ve decided that it’s now the right time to wind down Tailor.

There is comprehensive information about the timeline for the last day of styling, end of access to resources, final payments, taxes, and support posted in the stylist support center, and on our website. Information on these sites may be updated, so please continue to check for the most up to date information.

Finally, we would like to thank you for joining us on this incredible journey over the past three years. We launched Tailor with the mission to bring expert style advice to everyone, and to give our users confidence in their fashion choices. You served our users by helping them look and feel their best through life’s events, big and small. The confidence, support and positivity you helped instill in so many users through the relationships you helped cultivate is something that you should feel incredibly proud of. From all of us at Tailor: thank you for every outfit, inspiration, word of advice, and act of kindness you shared with our users every day.


Tailor Team


May 14 - Users are notified of Tailor’s shut down

May 14 - Users can no longer make purchases in the app

May 24 - Regularly scheduled payment for the pay period (5/6/2019 - 5/19/2019)

May 28 - Last day of styling

May 31 - Final payment for the period from 5/20/2019 through 5/28/2019, including all outstanding commissions

June 12 - Access to the stylist platform ends

June 12 - User access to Tailor ends

June 12 - Access to Help Center ends

After June 12 - Stylist Support available via email at

Early 2020 - 1099s for 2019 sent out to stylists. Typically 1099s are processed by Payoneer in January and delivered to stylists in early 2020.

TBD - Access to @meettailor email accounts ends


You will receive regular payment according to the normal schedule for the 5/6/19-5/19/19 pay period on 5/24/19. You will have access to styling until 5/28/19 and the Tailor platform until 6/12/19. You will receive payment for styling from 5/20/19-5/28/19 on 5/31/19. Please note that this reflects a change from the normal payment schedule given the shorter pay period.

On 5/31/19, you will be paid for all styling done in the 5/20/19-5/28/19 period, as well as any outstanding commissions you may be owed. This includes commissions which are shown as due in future pay periods - to be as fair as possible, we will pay you any outstanding commission, as of 5/31/19, regardless of whether the user returns the product (we usually only pay commission on products that are not returned by the user). However, please note that users will no longer be able to make purchases in the app as of 5/14/19.

Taxes + 1099s

Stylists that have been paid at least $600 through Tailor in 2019 are eligible for a 1099. 1099s for 2019 will be processed by Payoneer in January and delivered to stylists in early 2020.

If your Payoneer account is set up under your address, please change this to reflect a personal email account, to ensure that your 1099 is sent to your personal email address.

Account Access

While access to styling will end on 5/28/19, you will have access to your stylist dashboard up until 6/12/19. On 6/12/19 you will no longer have access to the stylist platform or your dashboard.

If you have personal emails in your inbox that you’d like to save, you can use the google email takeout process. Instructions are available at Access to your email account will be ending at a later date.

Support Center Access

Access to the Tailor Stylist Support, the help center, community forum, and tickets, will end on 6/12/19. After this date, questions should be directed to

Potential Frequently Asked User Questions

We will be informing users tomorrow (5/14/19) that their last day to talk with their stylist will be on 5/28/19. We know that users may have questions about this, so we have created a guide that you can use to answer some of those questions, if you’d like. For any other questions which you are not able to answer, please flag those users and a member of the Tailor Team will address their questions.

When is the last day to use the Tailor app?

  • The last day to use the app is 5/28/19.

Can I still make a return?

  • Any items within the return window (20 days from purchase) can still be returned and refunded. Please note this excludes items that were confirmed final sale. To initiate a return, tap the left hand profile menu, click view orders, find the relevant order and item, then select “return item.” From there you’ll be able to request a return label or tell the team that you already have one.

Can I still make a purchase? Or why can’t I make a purchase?

  • You can no longer make purchases through the Tailor app. But if you would like to purchase items directly from retailer websites, tap the item you would like to buy, then click the “View on retailer site” link. You will be directed to the retailer’s website and can purchase the product there. Please note that the purchased items will be fulfilled by the retailer, not by Tailor. The retailer’s shipping and returns policies will apply.

How can I save my outfits?

  • I recommend taking screenshots of any of your favorite outfits that I have helped you put together, so you can save them for future reference.

Who can I contact about other questions?