Freelance. Remote. Flexible

Please note: Stylists are accepted based on needs of the business and strength of the applications. You will hear back from us via email if your application is accepted.

Love fashion and working with people?
Join Tailor As A Remote Stylist!

1. ✍️ Complete our 100% online application process - no resume needed 💻 

2. 💬 If selected, start styling quickly! Help clients style clothes they own, assess their wardrobes, and shop for new pieces 🛍

3. 👩‍💻 Work from home and make money, while making others feel great doing what you love 💸

 Further details below. 

The Details: Freelance Stylist (Remote - US) MUST BE 18+ YEARS OLD TO APPLY

As a Tailor Virtual Stylist, you will consult with users online, leveraging your understanding of current trends along with user preferences and specifications. You will be a member of the Tailor Stylist team, at times collaborating with other stylists.

As a Freelance role, this opportunity involves flexible hours and a remote work arrangement. From the comfort of your own space and on your own schedule, work with clients across the country. You are compensated for your engagement with clients and the quality of those engagements. You can also receive commission when items you recommend to clients are then purchased through Tailor.

The perfect Tailor stylist:

● Loves fashion and wants to bring that love of fashion to others.

● Has direct, paid experience in personal styling, fashion merchandising and/or design.

● Demonstrates strong written/oral communication skills and attention to detail.

● Is computer-savvy and generally comfortable with technology, and has access to a reliable laptop and strong internet connection.

● Is adaptable and excited to work on a fast-paced, evolving business.

● Has a positive attitude and looks forward to collaborating with other remote stylists.

What is required of remote stylists:

You will provide thoughtful, high-quality responses to styling, shopping and general fashion questions from our diverse and growing user base.

● You will review all onboarding materials and resources once selected to join the Tailor team.

● You will set up all required tools on your laptop with the guidance of the Tailor team.

● You will set your own schedule and you will style no more than 35 hours/week.

● You will keep up to date on developments with the product and share questions, feedback and ideas with the other stylists and the Tailor team.