Love fashion and working with people?
Get started as a Tailor Remote Stylist in no time!

1. ✍️ Complete our 100% online application process - no resume needed 💻 

2. 💬 If selected, start styling quickly! Help clients style clothes they own, assess their wardrobes, and shop for new pieces 🛍

3. 👩‍💻 Work from home and make money, while making others feel great doing what you love 💸

 Further details below.


The Details: Freelance Stylist (Remote - US) MUST BE 18+ YEARS OLD TO APPLY

As a Tailor Virtual Stylist, you will consult with users online, leveraging your understanding of current fashion and styling trends along with user preferences and specifications. A Freelance role, this opportunity provides flexible hours and a remote, virtual work arrangement.


The perfect Tailor stylist:

  • Loves fashion and wants to bring that love of fashion to others.
  • Has direct, paid experience in personal styling, fashion merchandising and/or design.
  • Demonstrates strong written/oral communication skills and attention to detail.
  • Is computer-savvy and generally comfortable with technology, and has access to a reliable laptop and strong internet connection.
  • Is adaptable and excited to work on a fast-paced, evolving business.
  • Has a positive attitude and looks forward to collaborating with other remote stylists.


What is required of remote stylists:

  • You will provide thoughtful, high-quality responses to styling, shopping and general fashion questions from our diverse and growing userbase.
  • You will review all onboarding materials and resources once selected to join the Tailor team.  
  • You will set up all required tools on your laptop with the guidance of the Tailor team.
  • You will set your own schedule and you will style no more than 35 hours/week.
  • You will keep up to date on developments with the product and share questions, feedback and ideas with the other stylists and the Tailor team.