Tailor connects you with a real, personal stylist

and it's always free


GET CUstom, Free Advice

You don't pay. Also, our stylists are never paid on commission. This way, you can feel great knowing their suggestions are always in your best interest.

Style your Clothes

Already have a lot of great items? No need to buy new clothes! Your stylist can help you find new ways to wear the items you already own. 


Find that item

When you see a great piece on instagram or your favorite blog, just take a screenshot. Our app can automatically tell you where you can purchase a visually similar item. 

Explore all things apparel and fashion, tailored to your taste.


With Tailor, regularly chat with your stylist for help deciding what to wear, how to wear it, and what to buy. 

As you work together, your stylist will get to know all about your preferences and needs. She can give you real-time outfit advice, ideas for new pieces to add to your wardrobe, and clothing suggestions for any upcoming events or travel.

You can also browse curated fashion inspiration to discover new trends, accessories, and styling ideas.


What can I ask my stylist?



  • Find new clothes for an occasion (wedding, birthday, etc).
  • On-budget options for specific needs (i.e. find me new leather boots under $200).
  • Personal recommendations for your wardrobe (seasonal pieces, new trends, etc).
  • Upload a photo of an item you love from Instagram/blog & find where to buy it.



  • Learn how to make fresh, new looks by recombining clothing you already own.
  • Don't know how to match a piece? Your stylist can help!
  • Get rid of the clothes that don't flatter you.
  • Receive suggestions on the perfect accessories to complement your look.




At Tailor, we believe that in a world where fashion moves quickly and choices can be overwhelming, it’s incredibly helpful to have a stylish second opinion at your fingertips.

Our mission is to provide access to friendly, honest, and expert style advice. We aim to bring personal touch to the convenience of high tech.


...FoR a small startup

The Tailor App is lovingly built by a team in Area 120. Area 120 is a program that helps small teams rapidly build new experimental products.

We are a small and mighty group of 7. We greatly value your suggestions, thoughts, and advice!